The Rotary Club of Sahibabad was created in 1973. Late Rtn C B Agarwal  was its first President. Since its inception the Club has upheld Four way test. One can very proudly say that no member has left the club to join another club in the same city.  In this age where club members leave to form new ones like amoeba, our club has never witnessed that degeneration.

Our club has done many big projects; opening of Veterinary hospital in Sahibabad, Fund raising which is the corpus of our trust even today. At every calamity falling on nation, we have contributed our mite; Uttarkashi earthquake, Kutch earthquake, the Cyclone in Orissa, the Kargil War, we were second to none in District 3012. Way back in 1997, we were honoured by the presence of Anna Hazare and Aruna Roy in our midst, when we hosted a Rotary India event (The Manav Seva Awards). We were first to start the Rotary District Cricket Tournament.

We have been in the vanguard of fight against Polio. Right from Polioplus days, right from pulse experimentation in 1994, we have been fighting polio. We have always been given toughest areas, areas where resistance to polio drops was fiercest. We have brought acceptance to Polio programs in our areas. We have worked in the field of Avoidable Blindness with The Rotary Foundation. Few matching grants have been obtained for that noble cause.  All of us have to go to Cremation Grounds to give final bye bye to near and dear ones. But there was hardly any shelter. We created shelters there using DSC funds. We have very enthusiastically participated in GSE programs of TRF. Almost every year we have hosted Young people from various places.

For us holding the symphony of club is fundamental and non-negotiable and not  mindless expansion in Membership. In this we tread cautiously. Only people of highest integrity and proven and known demeanour are chosen to join this fraternity.