• 29 August 2021
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Rotary Day Camp 29th August 2021

Health Check up Camp at Village Raoli- Rotary Day 29th August 2021 Chief Guest Rtn Ashok Agarwal DG Guests Rtn Dr Rajeev Goel Rtn Dr Dheeraj Kumar GTBT Speaker Rtn Arti Sabharwal RC Vaishali Rtn Prachi Jindal RC Vaishali RCS Team Puneet Gupta Dr Pooja Gupta Arun K aggrawal Vidur Chharia Rajiv Raheja Neeru Rahejas Special Organisers Rtn Ashish Tyagi RC Ghaziabad RCC team President & Entire team Intermediate College, Raoli Principal Omprakashji, Teachers, Staff, Students as Volunteers Vardan Team 4 Doctors, 7 Paramedics, Drivers etc Village team Pradhan Mrs Munesh, Rajeshwar ji & others 1. The Eye check up started at 0930 hrs and General check up started at 1000. 2. Rotary Branding was done very well in 6 villages around Raoli 3. Eye Checkup of 167 persons was done. All were given Eye Drops. 25 were found eligible for Cataract Surgery, Vardan bus will pick them on 2nd September, surgery will be done on 2nd itself, Bus will bring them to Raoli on 3rd Morning and follow up visit shall be after a week. 4. General checkups of 213 people done. They consulted 3 doctors. Almost everybody was checked for Blood sugar. Surprisingly, a large number had high sugar levels. They were advised accordingly. A large number of people were given Medicines. Some serious cases were referred for serious investigations and follow ups. 5. Some people took one prescription sheet for eye and then used the same sheet for general check up and vice versa. So, the actual number beneficiaries is much higher than algebraic sum of two numbers. 6. There were two sessions of GTBTof around 30 girls and 27 boys. Arti ji took these sessions very efficiently and passionately. There was no electricity for some time but that did not deter them. Prachi Jindal and Pooja Gupta were there steadfastly. 7. The food arrangements were excellent by Village Pradhan and her team. There were more than 500 people, quite a carnival kind of atmosphere 8. RCS thanks everybody for a great and grand program