Cover Story
Family Meet (Navratre Special Dinner  at Bikanerwala , followed by Movie Screening at Wave Cinemas, Gaur Mall,  Rajnagar) on 27th Sept.

 Club members were treated to a nice sumptuous dinner followed by an internationally acclaimed movie "Newton" on 27.September.2017 by hosts Rtn Vikas Sharma and Anne Preeti Sharma.

The dinner was enjoyed by all. It was a delight to see a good gathering of members and their spouses attending the dinner and movie meet.

Some members who had seen the movie earlier skipped the movie but joined for dinner.

To top up the fun and masti, Rtn Vikas Sharma grabbed two large buckets of pop corn and passed it around.

The fun and frolic was wonderful with each person enjoying the day.

The movie was nicely made and had rib tickling comedy based on satirical humor.