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Contact details:


Arun Aggrawal
Past President2022-2023
Nirmal Singh
Past President2021-2022
Vidur Chharia
Past President2019-2020
Rakesh Chharia
Past President2018-2019
Asish Das
Past President2017-2018

Pankaj Gupta
Past President2016-2017
Ravi Agarwal
Past President2015-2016
Anita Singh
Past President2014-2015
Alka Jain
Past President2013-2014
Sanjiv Agarwal
Past President2012-2013

Sapna Sinha
Past President2011-2012
Sanjay Garg
Past President2009-2010
Sandeep Garg
Past President2008-2009
Arun Sharma
Past President2007-2008
Naveen Sharma
Past President2006-2007

Pushpender Kumar
Past President2005-2006
Ajay Sinha
Past President2003-2004
Mukul Gupta
Past President1995-1996
Satish Mohan
Past President1994-1995